All the other girls here are stars.

I'm Kat. 21. Cincinnati. Lover of words and pretty things.

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  • I’ll close my eyes
    And I won’t see

    The love you don’t feel
    When you’re holding me

    Morning will come
    And I’ll do what’s right
    Just give me ‘till then
    To give up this fight

    I will give up this fight

    Cause I can’t make you love me
    if you don’t.

    (Source: thequeensayshi, via allthetreesofthefield)

    I’ve probably only painted my nails twice since Zach and I have been together, so I thought it deserved a photo. I don’t like my hands very much, but I don’t mind them so much lately for obvious reasons.

    My heart is aching for the beautiful things that I know lie ahead of me, but I am desperately clinging to the days I am leaving behind.

    My life is just a collection of these moments lately, and it’s making me sad.

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